Each prescription comes with a different set of lens requirements.
Each set of lenses will be tailored to fit your prescription in the style that you need.
Luckily, we have all the options you need to get the best pair of glasses designed for you. If you're looking to get a pair for distance or up-close reading, we offer single vision lenses. If you have trouble with both, you can get high-quality progressives that allow you the ease of looking at all distances without the hassle of switching pairs. 
Going on vacation soon? Get some polarized glasses to help block the sun at all times OR get a pair of photochromatic lenses that adjust to your surroundings - indoor and outdoor.
To guarantee the best optical quality, we also take into consideration your prescription. If you have a higher prescription, your need for thinner lenses are a must - optically and aesthetically. Reynolds Optical offers various thicknesses of Hi-Index lenses to help out with the size and weight of your new set of glasses.




-  INhouse  - 

INhouse is our brand of proprietary frames designed by the owner. 
Each frame is made with high-quality acetate and metals to guarantee the best for our customers. INhouse comes in a wide selection of colors, sizes, shapes and styles.
Whether you're looking for big, round, black frames or light-weight, square frames with a little color, our opticians will be there to help guide you through the experience to find the frame that fits you and your style. 
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